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January 2015
 Dr. Hickey and Dr. Tropsha will attend the Nanoinformatics 2015 workshop on January 27th. Dr. Hickey will present an update on the Nanomaterial Registry during a session on nanoinformatics tools state-of-the-science. We hope to see you there!

December 2014
Nature will begin a new author checklist in January 2015 focused on data reproducibility through thorough data sharing during publication. Read their editorial in Nature Nanotechnology for more information. 

News Archive

October 2014
The NIH data-sharing requirements and how they relate to the Registry will be presented December 8th at the annual meeting of the Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) symposium for Nanoinformatics: Enabling and Applying the Linkage of Nanomaterials Datasets to Inform Decisions Related to Nano Risks. Let the team know if you will be in attendance by contacting us at!

August 2014
An introduction to the Registry will be presented, on Oct. 6th, at the 12th International Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Symposium (NanoDDS'14) at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, by Dr. Hickey.

August 2014
A book chapter on the Nanomaterial Registry was recently published in the second edition of Nanotechnology Environmental Health and Safety: Risks, Regulation, and Management. Authors for the chapter - which summarizes the technical concepts of the Registry (i.e. minimal information about nanomaterials, instance of characterization, and compliance ratings) and outlines the Registry’s curation process - include Kimberly Guzan, Dr. Vijay Gupta, Karmann Mills, and Dr. Michele Ostraat.

July 2014
The Nanomaterial Registry has been renewed for another year of hosting by RTI International via funding from the National Institutes of Health through contract HHSN268201000022C.

April 2014
An introductory presentation on the Registry was given at the Annual Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research this month by Dr. Anthony Hickey, our principal investigator in a session hosted by the National Cancer Institute’s Dr. Stephanie Morris.

December 2013
The Registry’s principal consultant, Dr. Alex Tropsha, gave a presentation on the Registry at the December workshop for the U.S.-EU Communities of Research. More information on the six Communities of Research can be found at their website.

October 2013
A new principal investigator and co-principal investigator have joined the Nanomaterial Registry team! Please join us in welcoming Dr. Anthony Hickey and Dr. Alexander Tropsha to the project and get to know them better by visiting our About the Registry page.

October 2013
Nanoinformatics 2013: Informatics for Nanomanufacturing will be held October 15 in Philadelphia, PA. This year’s workshop is sponsored by the National Nanomanufacturing Network and will focus on assessing current activities and planning a future in which informatics streamlines the nanomanufacturing enterprise. Kimberly Guzan, the project manager for the Nanomaterial Registry, is one of the invited speakers.

March 2013
Meet the team! March 13-14, the Nanomaterial Registry will have a booth at the Nanotech 2013 Expo in Washington, D.C. During your visit to the booth, watch a video demonstration of the website, browse the website live with a team member, and ask any questions you may have about the project. This will also be a good opportunity to talk with the team about your institution becoming a Registry Data Partner so that you can soon see your own data on the Nanomaterial Registry website!

The Registry will also be presented in two talks during the Nanotech 2013 Conference. The first, titled "Practical Data Sharing: The Nanomaterial Registry," will be presented Monday, May 13, at 4:10 PM in the Nanotechnology Knowledge Infrastructure NNI Signature Initiative Symposium. The second talk, titled "Characterizing the Minimal Information about Nanomaterials and Bringing Data Together to Accelerate Discovery," will be presented Wednesday, May 15, at 9:45 AM in the Nanoscale Materials Characterization Symposium.

March 2013
UC CEIN and iPlant Collaborative will be holding a one-day workshop on May 7, 2013 for leveraging currently available cyberinfrastructure capabilities for the fields of biology, plant science, nanotechnology and the environment.

June 2012
The Greener Nano 2012: Nanoinformatics Tools and Resources Workshop, will be held in Portland, OR on July 30th. Registration is open through July 15th.

May 2012
The U.S. Government Accountability Office has released a report, called Nanotechnology: Improved Performance Information Needed for Environmental, Health, and Safety Research, following a survey of nonfederal nanotechnology stakeholders examining the accountability and effectiveness of federal funding for nanomaterial EHS research. For highlights and the full report, visit the GAO website.

May 2012
The fourth Nanotechnology Signature Initiative has been issued by the U.S. National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) addressing the importance of informatics in the advancement of the field of nanotechnology. The announcement and document can be found at the NNI site.

April 2012
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued two draft Guidance documents for the use of nanotechnology by food and cosmetics industries.

  • Guidance for Industry: Assessing the Effects of Significant Manufacturing Process Changes, including Emerging Technologies, on the Safety and Regulatory Status of Food Ingredients and Food Contact Substances, Including Food Ingredients that are Color Additives; and,
  • Guidance for Industry: Safety of Nanomaterials in Cosmetic Products

For more information, see the FDA press release concerning both documents.

March 2012
The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has issued a report on public access to federally funded scientific research results, produced by the National Science and Technology Council. The RFIs and the report address access to digital data as well as public access to scholarly publications. The NSTC has established working groups to develop coordinated access policies across agencies, with research agencies participating in the discussions along with the Library of Congress, the National Archives, OSTP, and other agencies. While specific policies have not yet been recommended, the report notes that commenters overwhelmingly supported free access to publicly funded non-classified research results, with a one-year embargo period broadly seen as acceptable. The report notes the need for continued dialog with publishers and the public on these issues.

February 2012
The European Comission Joint Research Centre (JRC) and the U.S. Personal Care Products Council (PCPC), on behalf of the International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulators (ICCR), produced a report summarizing current methods for nanomaterial characterization, but also concluded that none of these methods could, on their own, fully describe a nanomaterial. The full report can be found here.


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