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If you are submitting a grant proposal to an agency that requires a data management plan, we can provide you with a plan to archive, share and integrate your data on global scale. We believe that this will strengthen your proposal and the significance of your research.


Data sharing has become a focus for Federal agencies in the last decade with the forethought that federally funded research should enable broader discoveries across research communities. The Nanomaterial Registry has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the purpose of providing researchers a mechanism to meet their data sharing needs without incurring prohibitive costs to their research projects. The Registry Project has a publically available tool and team of scientist in place and available to make data sharing easy. Data Management


There are two options for integrating the Nanomaterial Registry into your data sharing and management plan. Either download a short and long version of text to include in your proposal, or contact our team using the form to the right. We will be happy work with you on an individual basis.


If you chose to download text, we would like to know more about the proposal you are preparing and we thank you for answering the question below. We value your feedback for guiding future developments.

If you are writing a proposal, or have a project that is currently funded, and would like to learn more about how to integrate your data into the Registry, please use the contact us form below or email us.

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