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The large quantity of nanomaterial-focused research and production has created a vast and growing body of nanomaterial-centric data. Yet, critical knowledge gaps in nanotechnology need to be addressed so that the use of nanomaterials is not outpacing the understanding of their implications. The Nanomaterial Registry is a data-driven tool aimed at enabling researchers to close this knowledge gap. As researchers interact with the information in this central data repository, knowledge will be extracted and used to guide new research and, ultimately, the safe use of nanomaterials.

Search or browse the database using the buttons on this Home page. From a query results table, you can request detailed information on specific nanomaterial records, compare multiple nanomaterials in side-by-side view, and export data to your desktop.

The Registry provides researchers with a convenient data management and sharing plan. Both NIH and NSF require grant recipients to have a data management plan. Our curation team is ready to accept your public-ready data, archive them, integrate them with the larger data repository, and share them publicly for you. Visit our Data Management Plan page to download boilerplate text for your proposal or contact us for customized text!

Now available for the predictive modeling community:

For additional guidance, please refer to our top-menu pages, including the User Guide. To ask questions or provide feedback, please refer to our Contact Us page.

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